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The second issue of the institutional magazine; AHEAD/ADELANTE, was created as a result of democratizing
access to a methodical production and of helping the dissemination of said research, that is fundamental and it aims to promote the alliance of research through the knowledge of those results. It is therefore a strategy to allow the dissemination of knowledge from different cultural content and consolidate a reflective dialogue between the experiences of classroom teachers and the work of researchers.

The editorial project “AHEAD/ADELANTE” began in 2010 with an aggregate differential that stands out as a bilingual magazine; in English and Spanish, which gives an international connotation; it invites researchers and practitioners to contribute their work, empirical or theoretical, on any of the many areas that constitute the academy through this emerging publication and it is designed to serve as a vehicle of communication of scientific papers that aim relations between research and teaching. Its organizational structure consists mainly of researchers; since it is a scientific journal, in source, must be rooted in the research community that has the intellectual and relevant contributions on the subject within their respective institutions.




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